GitLab 釋出 11.0.3,修復 11 和舊版本中的迴歸和錯誤

類別: IT

GitLab 為社群版和企業版釋出了 11.0.3 版本,此版本解決了 GitLab 11 版本和以前版本中的一些迴歸和錯誤。

GitLab 社群版和企業版

適用於 GitLab Core, Starter, Premium 和 Ultimate

  • Revert merge request widget button max height

  • Implement upload copy when moving an issue with upload on object storage

  • Fix broken '!' support to autocomplete MRs in GFMfields

  • Restore showing Elasticsearch and Geo status on dashboard.

  • Fix merge request page rendering error when its target/source branch is missing

  • Fix sidebar collapse breapoints for job and wiki pages

  • Fix size of code blocks in headings

  • Fix loading screen for search autocomplete dropdown

  • Fix ambiguous due_datecolumn for Issue scopes.

  • Always serve favicon from main GitLab domain so that CI badge can be drawn over it.

  • Fix tooltip flickering bug.

  • Fix refreshing cache keys for open issues count.

  • Replace deprecated bs.affix in merge request tabs with sticky polyfill.

  • Prevent pipeline job tooltip from scrolling off dropdown container.

  • Fix 500 Error when attempting to view MR after its target branch was deleted

  • Fix issue count not updating for project members

  • Fix No UI element to edit group label

  • Fix Tooltips scroll along the list within Pipeline jobs dropdown on MR widget

  • Fix Tooltips flicker when highlighting award emoji


GitLab 釋出 11.0.3,修復 11 和舊版本中的迴歸和錯誤原文請看這裡