Keepalived 2.0.5 釋出,C 語言編寫的路由軟體

類別: IT

Keepalived 2.0.5 已釋出,Keepalived 是一款用 C 編寫的路由軟體。該專案的主要目標是為 Linux 系統和基於 Linux 的基礎裝置提供簡單而強大的負載均衡和高可用性。


  • Update config-test option so keepalived exits with status 1 on failure.

  • Fix config write of virtual server group ip addresses.

  • Document default and default6 for virtual/static route destinations.

  • Cancel read thread on send sockets when closing.

  • Exit with status 1 if config check fails, and fix terminating when reading send sockets.

  • Stop segfaulting when receive a packet (fixing commit 97aec76).

  • Don't assume rpm is available.




Keepalived 2.0.5 釋出,C 語言編寫的路由軟體原文請看這裡