Inferno v4 正式釋出,JavaScript 使用者介面庫

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Inferno v4 版本已釋出,該版本對專案過程邏輯進行了重寫,並新增了一些新特性:

  • {Inferno.createPortal(vNode, DOM)}can be used to render vNode to external location in DOM

  • Routerhas been updated to v4 to match React Router v4 API

  • Mobxand Reduxintegrations have been ported to the latest version

  • new VNodeFlag ReCreatehas been added. It can be used to always re-create element instead of diffing it.

  • defaultHooks has been added to Functional Components

  • Inferno now supports IE9+ without polyfills reducing

  • Inferno size has been reduced to 7.8kb gzip including the ES2015 Component!

  • Small performance improvements

function Static() {    return <div>1</div>;}Static.defaultHooks = {    onComponentShouldUpdate() {        return false;    }}export const Com = Static;

  • TouchEvents are now part of Synthetic event system


Inferno 是一個極其快速,類似 React 的 JavaScript 庫,用於構建現代使用者介面。

Inferno v4 正式釋出,JavaScript 使用者介面庫原文請看這裡