Android Studio 3.1 Beta 2 釋出,修復常見錯誤

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Android Studio

Android Studio 3.1 Beta 2 釋出了,此版本主要是修復常見錯誤。

bug 修復:

  • Issue#70760059:Vector Asset Wizard Generates Drawables That Crash on Android 5.0-6.0

  • Issue#71364472: IllegalArgumentException: ExtensionsAreaImpl.getExtensionPoint (←ExtensionsAreaImpl.getExtensionPoint(

  • Issue#71912095:Unable to import SVG file with named stop-color

  • Issue#71991293: Guava 23.6-jre breaks lint analysis.

  • Issue#72085541: Deploying multidex application to API 19, then 27 fails

  • Issue#72116899: dex task output useless dexer choice always.

  • Issue#72158988: Welcome screen is too high on Hidpi screens

  • Issue#72169718: SDK Manager loads all packages twice.



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