FreeFileSync 10.3 釋出,開原始檔夾同步備份軟體工具

類別: IT

FreeFileSync 10.3 已釋出,FreeFileSync 是一個開源的資料夾比較和同步工具,介面簡潔,只需簡單的設定就可以實現資料夾的比較和同步操作。

本次更新內容如下,主要是進行了一些 bug 修復,還新增了新特性。

  • New log panel showing details about the last operation

  • Show status of last syncs in configuration panel

  • Access log files via the configuration panel

  • Allow auto-retry and ignore errors during comparison

  • Show folder RealTimeSync is waiting on

  • New %logfile_path% macro for "on completion"

  • Show errors and warnings count in log file header

  • Fixed crash when resizing panel during comparison

  • Fixed folders created hidden when source is root

  • Use steady clock while waiting in RealTimeSync

  • Fixed folder access error with Google Drive File Stream

  • Open global log folder path via options dialog

  • Limit global logs by age instead of size

  • Deprecated batch-level log files and LastSyncs.log


Download FreeFileSync 10.3 Windows Setup
Download FreeFileSync 10.3 macOS
Download FreeFileSync 10.3 Linux 64-bit
Download FreeFileSync 10.3 Linux 32-bit
Download FreeFileSync 10.3 Source

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