Mongoose 5.2.7 釋出,MongoDB 非同步物件模型工具

類別: IT

Mongoose 5.2.7 釋出了,Mongoose 是在 Node.js 非同步環境下對 MongoDB 進行便捷操作的物件模型工具。


  • fix(model): check expireAfterSeconds option when diffing indexes in syncIndexes() #6820 #6819 christopherhex

  • chore: fix some common test flakes in travis #6816 Fonger

  • chore: bump eslint and webpack to avoid bad versions of eslint-scope #6814

  • test(model): add delay to session tests to improve pass rate #6811 Fonger

  • fix(model): support options in deleteMany #6810 Fonger

  • fix(query): don't use $each when pushing an array into an array #6809 lineus



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Mongoose 5.2.7 釋出,MongoDB 非同步物件模型工具原文請看這裡