Keepalived 1.4.4 釋出,C 語言編寫的路由軟體

類別: IT

Keepalived 1.4.4 已釋出,Keepalived 是一款用 C 編寫的路由軟體。該專案的主要目標是為 Linux 系統和基於 Linux 的基礎裝置提供簡單而強大的負載均衡和高可用性。


  • doc: ipvs schedulers update

  • Fix a couple of typos in

  • Fix namespace collision with musl if_ether.h.

  • Check if return value from read_value_block() is null before using.

  • Fix reporting real server stats via SNMP.

  • Make checker process handle RTM_NEWLINK messages with -a option Even though the checker process doesn't subscribe to RTNLGRP_LINK messages, it appears that older kernels (certainly 2.6.32) can send RTM_NEWLINK (but not RTM_DELLINK) messages. This occurs when the link is set to up state. Only the VRRP process is interested in link messages, and so the checker process doesn't do the necessary initialisation to be able to handle RTM_NEWLINK messages.This commit makes the checker process simply discard RTM_NEWLINK and RTM_DELLINK messages, rather than assuming that if it receives an RTM_NEWLINK message it must be the VRRP process.This problem was reported in issue #848 since the checker process was segfaulting when a new interface was added when the -a command line option was specified.

  • Fix handling RTM_NEWLINK when building without VRRP code.

  • Fix building on Fedora output can include compiler and linker flags that refer to spec files that were used to build net-snmp but may not exist on the system building keepalived. That would cause the build done by configure to test for net-snmp support to fail; in particular on a Fedora 28 system that doesn't have the redhat-rpm-config package installed.This commit checks that any spec files in the compiler and linker flags returned by net-snmp-config exist on the system building keepalived, and if not it removes the reference(s) to the spec file(s).


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