MongooseJS 5.1.1 釋出,MongoDB 連線包

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MongooseJS 5.0.14 釋出了。MongooseJS 是使用 JavaScript 程式設計,連線 MongoDB 資料庫的軟體包,使 MongoDB 的文件資料模型變的優雅起來,方便對 MongoDB 文件型資料庫的連線和增刪改查等常規資料操作。


  • docs(schema): add notes in api and guide about schema.methods object #6470 #6440 lineus

  • fix(error): add modified paths to VersionError #6464 #6433 paglias

  • fix(populate): only call populate with full param signature when match is not present #6458 #6451 lineus

  • docs: fix geoNear link in migration guide #6450 kawache

  • fix(discriminator): throw readable error when create() with a non-existent discriminator key #6434

  • fix(populate): add retainNullValues option to avoid stripping out null keys #6432

  • fix(populate): handle populate in embedded discriminators underneath nested paths #6411

  • docs(model): add change streams and ToC, make terminology more consistent #5888


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