Infinispan 9.3.0.Beta1 釋出,分散式叢集快取系統

類別: IT

Infinispan 9.3.0.Beta1 已釋出,共包含38 處修復。主要修復內容如下:

  • Conflict Resolution Improvements

    • MergePolicy.NONE is now the default merge-policy

    • Conflict Resolution during a merge is now non-blocking and tolerant of node failures

  • Reactive Streams based Cache Loader SPI available

  • Infinispan can now be built and tested with Java 10/11

  • Max Idle expiration is now cluster-wide including events

  • The Java Hot Rod client can handle data in multiple formats

  • Improved merge after long GC pauses avoiding data loss

  • Admin console supports counters in standalone mode

  • Lots of bug fixes, test fixes, and documentation improvements


Infinispan 是一個開源的資料網格平臺。它公開了一個簡單的資料結構(一個 Cache)來儲存物件。雖然可以在本地模式下執行 Infinspan,但其真正的價值在於分散式,在這種模式下,Infinispan 可以將叢集快取起來並公開大容量的堆記憶體。這可比簡單的複製強大的多,因為它會為每個結點分配固定數量的副本; 伺服器故障的一種恢復手段 ; 同時還提升了可伸縮性,這是由於儲存每個結點所需的工作量是與叢集大小息息相關的。

Infinispan 9.3.0.Beta1 釋出,分散式叢集快取系統原文請看這裡