Hibernate ORM 5.1.14.Final 釋出

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Hibernate ORM 5.1.14.Final 釋出了。主要更新內容如下:


    • [HHH-12562] - Remove DefaultSchemaNameResolver#delegate since the value should not be cached

    • [HHH-11615] - Envers integration tests fail when WildFly security manager is enabled

    • [HHH-11617] - Statement leak in case of "SQLGrammarException: could not extract ResultSet"

    • [HHH-11766] - Accessing lazy basic property on entity loaded from 2nd level cache throws exception

    • [HHH-12226] - ObjectNotFoundException thrown when @NotFound(action = NotFoundAction.IGNORE) used with enhancement

    • [HHH-12392] - Caching SchemaResolver delegate with multiple data sources

    • [HHH-12418] - Cannot build integration guide

    • [HHH-12423] - SecondaryTable is not taking into account the schema while mapping the entity

    • [HHH-12439] - Merging of new entities can fail depending on cascade order

    • [HHH-12507] - InsertOrderingWithCompositeTypeAssociation test fails on Oracle due to reserved word

    • [HHH-12508] - SessionFactoryOptions#isSecondLevelCacheEnabled returns true by default with NoCachingRegionFactory

    • [HHH-12512] - LazyGroupMappedByTestTask fails on Oracle (5.1)


    • [HHH-12520] - NPE is thrown by CacheImpl#getSecondLevelCacheRegion

xzdz :

  • http://hibernate.org/orm/releases/5.1/

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