Redis 桌面管理工具 RedisDesktopManager 0.9.2 釋出

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Redis Desktop Manager

RedisDesktopManager 0.9.2 已釋出,Redis Desktop Manager(RedisDesktopManager,RDM)是一個快速、簡單、支援跨平臺的 Redis 桌面管理工具,基於 Qt 5 開發,支援通過 SSH Tunnel 連線。

bug 修復:

  • Fix #4056: Impossible to add or update field's values of a Hash

  • FIx #4060: the release 0.9.1 cannot filter by "key"

  • Fix #4031: Number of keys in DB not updating after flush

  • Fix #3720: Add support set the max db scan count when first connect the redis-server (default is 20)

  • Fix #4074#4050Fix crash on last row removal


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  • Source code(zip)

  • Source code(tar.gz)

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