pgAdmin 4 v3.0 釋出,PostgreSQL 圖形管理工具

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pgAdmin 開發團隊宣佈 pgAdmin 4 3.0版釋出。此版本的包含 100 多個錯誤修復和新功能。有關更多詳細資訊,請參閱發行說明

pgAdmin 是 PostgreSQL 領先的開源圖形管理工具。


  • The desktop runtime now runs as a system tray application and utilises the browser on the system to display pgAdmin. This resolves numerous bugs and issues caused by QtWebKit/QtWebEngine.

  • Data can now be sorted in edit mode in the Query Tool.

  • Keyboard navigation with configurable shortcuts for many operations has been added to allow use of pgAdmin without a mouse.

  • Dashboard tables and charts can be enabled/disabled.

  • Server and database statistics, functions, partitions, external tables and EXPLAIN are now supported on Greenplum.

  • Support for pg_service.conf files has been added.

  • The Docker Container distribution is vastly slimmed down, having move to Alpine Linux with Gunicorn to host the pgAdmin web application.


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