gRPC 1.11.0 釋出,Google 高效能 RPC 框架

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gRPC 1.11.0 釋出了,gRPC-java 是谷歌 RPC 框架 gRPC 的 Java 實現。

gRPC 是一個高效能、開源、通用的 RPC 框架,面向移動和 HTTP/2 設計,是由谷歌釋出的首款基於 Protocol Buffers的 RPC 框架。 gRPC 基於 HTTP/2 標準設計,帶來諸如雙向流、流控、頭部壓縮、單 TCP 連線上的多複用請求等特性。這些特性使得其在移動裝置上表現更好,更省電且節省空間佔用。



  • Add core underpinnings for TLS session ticket support (#14483)

  • Experimental support for configurable retries (use at your own risk) (#10684)

  • Fail calls with wait_for_ready=falseon transient resolver failure (#14733)

  • Fix a call stack ref flake (#14681)

  • c-aresDNS resolver sorts resolved addresses per RFC 6724 (#13290)

  • Use socklen_tinstead of size_tfor address length (fixes use case for some big endian systems) (#14464)

  • Initial part of channel tracing implementation (#13883#14746#14751)

  • Avoid crashes on environments with hot-plugged CPUs (#14712)


  • Improvements in experimental support for Unity - added useful resources and improved support for loading grpc_csharp_exton Unity (#14576#14605)

  • Further prevent name collisions by using only fully qualified type names in C# code generator (#14524)

  • Fix C# connectivity watcher shutdown race (#14776)


  • Progress towards full Beta API elimination (Beta API is and has been unsupported and will go away completely):

    • Remove _face_interface_testtests for the Beta API (#14702)

  • Remove Python background poller thread (#14448)

    • Note there is a small change in behavior. Before, clients would detect disconnected channels immediately.

  • Initial geventcompatibility (#14561)

  • Release the GIL when calling grpc_call_start_batchto improve performance under multithreaded scenarios. (#14801)



  • Source code(zip)

  • Source code(tar.gz)

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