Tails 3.6 釋出,內建因特網匿名訪問的 Linux 發行版

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Tails 3.6 釋出了。主要更新內容如下:


  • 您現在可以通過單擊系統選單中的按鈕來鎖定螢幕。

  • 改進了附加軟體永續性功能的後端

  • 安裝 pdf-redact-tools 命令列工具,通過將後設資料轉換為 PNG 影象來清理後設資料並對其進行編輯。

  • 當Tails無法啟動GNOME時,現在會顯示一條指示顯示卡名稱的錯誤訊息。


  • The Tails documentationlauncher on the desktop now opens the documentation on our website if you are online.

  • Install drivers for the Video Acceleration APIto improve the display of videos on many graphics cards.

  • Upgrade Electrumfrom 2.7.9 to 3.0.6.

  • Upgrade Linuxto 4.15.0.

  • Upgrade Torto

  • Upgrade Thunderbird52.6.0.

    We also activated the AppArmorprofile of Thunderbirdfrom Debian to confine Thunderbirdfor security.

  • Rewrite some internal scripts from shell scripting to Python, thanks to GoodCrypto.


  • Remove the display of debug and error messages when starting.

  • Fix the ISO image selection being unavailable in Tails Installerin languages other than English. (#15233)

  • Fix OpenPGP Appletbeing unresponsive when decrypting a lot of text. (#6398)



  • https://tails.boum.org/install/download/

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