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CakePHP 3.6.0-beta2 已釋出。3.6.0-beta2 是 CakePHP 3.6 系列的第二個 beta 版,帶來了一些重要的新特性,詳情請檢視 3.6 遷移指南。更新內容:

  • Cake\Console\CommandFactorywas added to allow applications to customize how command classes are built.

  • Cake\Database\Type\BatchCastingInterfacewas added. This interface allows type classes to optimize casting operations by operating on all columns in bulk. This interface can be used in custom types now, and will be used in core types in 4.x.

  • RoutingMiddlewarecan now cache application route collections providing significant improvements to application boot times.

  • Cake\ORM\Query::selectAllExcept()was added.

  • cake plugin unloadand cake plugin loadhave been updated to modify the Applicationclass.

  • Validator::add()now uses the rule name as the method if no method is provided.

  • TimestampBehaviorno longer emits errors when columns are missing.

  • Plugin shells/commands are no longer auto-discovered by the Application. Instead plugin commands are discovered/added by the respective plugin class.

  • Console helpers can now live in App\Command\Helper.



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