GitLab 社群版和企業版 10.2.3 補丁版本釋出

類別: IT

GitLab 10.2.3 版本已釋出 ,包括社群版和企業版。該版本解決了 10.2 版本中的一些問題和 bug 。包括:

Bug fixes for Community and Enterprise Editions

  • CE/EES/EEP:Fix hashed storage for Import/Export uploads (!15482)

  • CE/EES/EEP:Ensure that rake gitlab:cleanup:repostask does not mess with hashed repositories (!15520)

  • CE/EES/EEP:Ensure that rake gitlab:cleanup:dirstask does not mess with hashed repositories (!15600)

  • CE/EES/EEP:Fix WIP system note not being created (!15528)

  • CE/EES/EEP:Fix link text from group context (!15565)

  • CE/EES/EEP:Fix defaults for MR states and merge statuses (!15594)

  • CE/EES/EEP:Fix pulling and pushing using a personal access token with the sudo scope (!15571)

Bug fixes for Enterprise Editions

  • EES/EEP:Fix viewing default push rules on a Geo secondary (!3559)

  • EES/EEP:Fix Geo wiki sync error not increasing retry count (!3569)

  • EEU:Disable Autocomplete for Epics (!3504)

  • EEU:Fix Epic fullscreen editing (!3437)

  • EEU:Fix tasklist for Epics (!3435)

Performance improvements for Community and Enterprise Editions

  • CE/EES/EEP:Drastically improve Project Search performance by no longer searching namespace name (!15590)

  • CE/EES/EEP:Reuse authors when rendering event Atom feeds (!15630)

  • CE/EES/EEP:Optimise StuckCiJobsWorker using cheap SQL query outside, and expensive inside (!15527)



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